10 things to look for in a good client!

One of the benefits of running www.fiveinaboat.com is that, in some respects, I get to pick and choose my clients. Obviously it is not as simple as saying no to business, as I have mouths to feed and I want my company to grow and prosper, however for the first time in a long time I have been afforded the opportunity to really think about with who I want to work. So here is what is important to me. A client:

1.    Must love what they do and be passionate about their business (too many bad experiences of  C levels who don’t give a shit)

2.    Must want to drive change / to make a difference

3.    Must value people in all areas of business 

4.    Must lead by example – and a good example at that

5.    Must inspire others 

6.    Must be accountable – finger pointing and passing the buck is not cool

7.    Must realise that it is impossible to know everything and that learning from others is often what makes for success

8.    Must recognise that we are all in this together – it is not you and us. We are one team!

9.    Must believe that anything is possible – fortune favours the brave!

10.  Must show compassion. Being a hard ass is often how successful people get to the top but don’t forget that, at the end of the day, we are all human


ClientsJulia Herd