Why caring about your business matters!

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to work both with and for a number of companies, all of which have adopted different growth strategies and have celebrated successes and experienced failures. The one thing, however, that has set apart the good companies from the great companies is having employees who care.

julia herd visit.jpg

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to spend some time in Croatia with the team at Foreo (www.foreo.com)  – one of the world’s fastest and most innovative beauty technology brands. Not only are its products ‘stand out’ in its competitive and booming sector, but Foreo is revolutionising the way that people engage with skincare products through the creation of premium yet accessible beauty solutions that appeal to all.

Having spent years working in tech this excited me, and it’s clear from the company’s rapid growth that it’s living up to its promise. But what excited me most was the sheer passion and dedication that the team share in taking Foreo to that next level. A vibrant, buzzy office full of people from different backgrounds and different nationalities, every single person there had these things in common: they love what they do, they understand what value they deliver, they care about the brand and they believe that both individually and together they can truly make a difference. It’s that which I have no doubt will make them an absolutely great company, and I’m proud to be even a very small part of it.

And truth is, if I hadn't decided to start my own company www.fiveinaboat.com, I might even be tempted to apply for a job!