How technology is changing the music industry!

I have to confess that I ended up in comms by choice, and in consumer, and especially music tech, by accident. I would love to say I had my career path planned but I would be lying. I chased briefs instead of brands – the result being 12 years specialising in consumer tech, and an increasing love and respect for innovation. 

My last corporate gig before starting was working for global music streaming company Deezer. Among other things, this role gave me a real passion for championing new methods, tools and technologies to drive the music industry forward. 

Very recently I started working with Mycelia – a growing collective of creatives, professionals and lovers of music whose mission, through technology, is to bring to life a music maker database which will help realise a fair, sustainable and vibrant music ecosystem. To the non-music folks, this ultimately means fairer payments to artists and a richer marketplace from which to build their careers by easing collaboration creatively and commercially. Essentially it's about building ethical, technical and commercial standards to elevate the music industry from what it is today to a place which we all value and care for deeply in our everyday lives.

Answering a need that was not being met in music, Imogen Heap – a talented, friendly and passionate lady – launched Mycelia, a vision of a future music ecosystem and, as part of that, The Creative Passport – set to be the key to unlocking a series of innovative services for music makers and fans alike.   

While still in its early days, I see huge potential in this. Once again it is something which uses technology – in this instance blockchain – to drive an industry forward in a positive and innovative way. 

Luckily for me I get to spend more time with Mycelia, Imogen and The Creative Passport so will see first-hand how it evolves. I’m excited and inspired by how this could put the power back in the hands of the artists, and am grateful to be part of this incredibly interesting journey as it unfolds. 


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